Black LGBTQ History: Simon Nkoli

Today for Black History Month, we are honoring activist, Simon Nkoli.


Image from wikipedia


Born in South Africa in 1957, Nkoli grew up to become an anti-apartheid, gay rights, and AIDS activist. He founded the first black gay organization in Africa called Saturday Group.

In 1984, Nkoli was arrested for treason as part of the Delmas 22. He came out in prison. He was later acquitted and formed GLOW (Gay and Lesbian Organization of Witwatersrand) in 1988. GLOW was responsible for the first Gay Pride parade in South Africa in 1990.

Nkoli lived HIV positive for 12 years, and was one of the first African gay men to be public about it. Before his death, Nkoli was given the Stonewall Award for his efforts. He died of AIDS in 1998. There is a street named after him in Amsterdam and a day honoring him in San Francisco.

Reference: Wikipedia


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