Black LGBTQ History: Janet Mock

Today, we honor someone who is currently making black history as an LGBTQ individual, writer and activist Janet Mock.


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Janet Mock, born in Honolulu, HI in 1983, is the author of the autobiography Redefining Realness, a New York Times Bestseller. She is also the founder of the hashtag “GirlsLikeUs”, which is a social media movement dedicated to empowering trans women. She also hosts a MSNBC weekly series called So POPular and was an editor for five years at

At the age of 16, Mock became a sex worker. At 18, during her first year of college, she went to Thailand where she underwent gender reassignment surgery.

Mock came out as trans in a 2011 issue of Marie Claire and has since become one of the most influential trans women of the decade. She has received praise from many critics for the success and honesty of her memoir, as well as for her dedication to speaking out about transgender women’s rights.

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